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TORNAOD-Group Biography
Celtic Progressive Music

With music like the wind - sometimes traditional mist, at others hard-rock tempest -
TornaoD lure us into a new world and a celebration of life, its anger, its gentleness, its toughness, its beauty...

Caring for the environment, defending essential human values, speaking out against materialism, singing hymns to all things Celtic and to spiritual values... these are some of the ideas TornaoD stand for.

In an authentic meeting of tradition and modernity, TornaoD draw inspiration from a mixture of sources, from Alan Stivell to Metallica, Led Zeppelin to Denez Prigent, 70s rock side by side with 80s metal, New Age, the East, and more...

Above all a performance group, TornaoD bring to their audiences an astounding, dynamic energy such that, initially bemused, then won over, people are never indifferent..



Tomaz Boucherifi-Kadiou (TBK) : vocals, guitar,tin whistle,
bombard, banjo

Emiko OTA : drums, vocals

Michel Pengam : electric guitar

Julien Taupin : fiddle

Stephen Clark Swartz : percussions (guest-musician)


You can listen here to 4 samples of the first album, originally composed by T.B.K. and recorded by Tornaod

Son vit ur bed berraet
Extract from the album

Al labous marv (andro)
Extract from the album

Paddy's Lamentation
Extract from the album

Here a piece recorded in Louisiana, with the chor of the Trinity Church in New Orleans

Tornaod and the Trinity Church




DOUR TAN DOUAR productions
44 rue de Villiers
93100 Montreuil
Stéphanie Flanagan
+33 (0)1 48 59 94 08
+33 (0)6 14 31 84 37 (mobile)


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    • FNAC Etoile
      26-30 avenue des Ternes, Pariz 17ème
    • FNAC Montparnasse
      136 rue de Rennes
      Pariz 6ème
    • la Fée dans la Bouteille
      44 rue de la Tombe Issoire, Pariz 14ème
      01 43 27 09 92
      10 rue du Maine,
      Pariz 14ème
      01 43 20 84 60
    • Dressing Club
      6 rue de Vintimille,
      Pariz 9ème
      01 53 16 37 24


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